Earth Science Regents

Earth Science Lab Requirement

New York State mandates that each student must satisfactorily complete 30 hours of lab work.  Any lab that has a grade above 65%, will earn lab hour credits of the 30 needed by the end of the year.  New York State mandates physical evidence that the labs were completed.  Therefore, lab manuals must always stay in school and are not permitted out of the building for any reason.  Without proof of satisfactorily completing 30 hours of lab work, your child is not eligible to sit for the Regents exam and therefore will not receive Regents credit for the course.

Earth Science Regents Curriculum

Our Stage:  Nature of change, Density, Mapping, Graphing, and Proof of Earth’s Shape. Weather Variables:  Temperature, Moisture, and Barometric Pressure The nature of light & the electromagnetic spectrum
Minerals Weather Maps:  interpreting station models & locating fronts Properties of Stars,  The H-R Diagram & the Life cycle of stars
Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks Drawing Isotherms and Isobars The Expanding Universe:  Evidence for the Big Bang Theory (Hubble & Doppler Red Shift)
Weathering, Erosion & Deposition Local, regional and global weather patterns (land and sea breezes, cyclones, anticyclones, jetstreams and planetary wind patterns) The motions of Earth in our solar system & Seasons
Earthquakes & Plate Tectonics Storm Patterns The geometry of planetary orbits

Geologic History

Factors affecting climate The moon’s motion