Supply List

8th Grade Science Supply List 

702 and 703 Supply List

All students are expected to have on a daily basis throughout the entire school year:

Pencils (also, personal sharpener recommended)



3-ring Binder

Loose-leaf paper

Colored Pencils

3×5 Index cards (3 packs)

Portfolio folder –  to be left inside the classroom

Flash Drive (801, 802, 702) for electronic copy of the textbook

803/703 Students must also purchase the blue Barron’s Physical Setting/Earth Science Review Book

All 8th Grade Students may choose to purchase the Barron’s NYS 8th grade Science Test Review Book (this is not required material and will not be used in class)

Science Classroom Donations (any are greatly appreciated):

Hand sanitizer


Paper towels

Extra colored pencils

Index cards (any size)

Tissue boxes

Copy Paper

Loose-leaf paper

Construction paper


Glue sticks