801 Homework

Homework Assignments

All homework should be written on loose-leaf unless otherwise specified! Make sure a correct school heading and the name of the assignment is on each individual homework.

Due dates are subject to change, so check back frequently!

Term 3


Define Ch. 8 Vocabulary on index cards due Thursday, February 13

February Break – Plan and conduct Science Fair Experiment

Read pages 222-228 and answer questions #1-6 due Tuesday, February 25

Read pages 230-238 and answer questions #1-5 due Thursday, February 27

Ch. 8 Vocabulary Quiz Monday, March 2



Define Ch. 11 Vocabulary on index cards due Monday, March 9

Read pages 314-319 and answer questions #1-5 due Tuesday, March 10

Read pages 320-328 and answer questions #1- 6 due Thursday, March 12

Read pages 330-33 and answer questions #1-5 due Monday, March 16

Chapter Review p338-339 #1-20; 27-29 due Thursday, March 19

Chapter 11 Vocabulary Quiz Tuesday, March 17

Chapter 11 Test Thursday, March 19



NYS 8th Grade Science Performance Test: TBA


NYS Science Test – Monday, June 1st