Science Fair

Science Fair

Science fair is coming! Below please find Science Fair guidelines, and helpful hints.

Identify possible topics and research questions relating to the topic: use the following worksheet to record your ideas Sci Fair Topic:Question:Basic Research

 Formulating a Research Question –> this can help you if you are struggling

When picking a topic

– choose ideas your interested in

– do some primary research to become familiar with the topic

Science Fair document cited <– click for document cited worksheet

 – complete more in-depth research

-identify at least 4 more sources (ONE MUST BE A BOOK), give overview of information from each source

-highlight important facts about your topic in your basic research

(There are many websites and books available to help you pick a topic – just remember to make it YOUR OWN WORK)


– start brainstorming experimental ideas

– finalize specific topic, write entire procedure, identify all materials needed

Science Fair Experiment (<– Click the link to help design a detailed experiment with appropriate variables)

Science Fair Planning

-set up outline for research section

-start experiment; record observations

Finish all Science Fair Work 

 –  Experiments should be wrapping up.  Students should be putting it (the experiment and all parts) together  (basically following the guidelines of a lab report) to show their experiment and results –> this is what should be included on the Science Fair Board.

 – Students should be finished with the experiment and be finalizing the rest of the project.  The end product should include a presentation board (with the components of a lab report presented neatly and colorfully).

Completed Science Fair Presentation Board due between

April 20  through April 24    

(on random individually assigned date)

Science Fair Display Board (outline for board criteria)

Grading Rubric –

Sci Fair EvaluationFormafter Check off to see if you have all needed information and criteria before submitting your board

School-wide Science Fair will be held the week of April 29th – 30th


Science Fair grade counts for Project Grade  


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