Science Fair

Science Fair

Science fair is coming! Below please find Science Fair guidelines, and helpful hints.

Identify possible topics and research questions relating to the topic: use the following worksheet to record your ideas Sci Fair Topic:Question:Basic Research

 Formulating a Research Question –> this can help you if you are struggling

When picking a topic

– choose ideas your interested in

– do some primary research to become familiar with the topic


Science Fair document cited <– click for document cited worksheet

 – complete more in-depth research

-identify at least 4 more sources (ONE MUST BE A BOOK), give overview of information from each source

-highlight important facts about your topic in your basic research

(There are many websites and books available to help you pick a topic – just remember to make it YOUR OWN WORK)


– start brainstorming experimental ideas

– finalize specific topic, write entire procedure, identify all materials needed

Science Fair Experiment (<– Click the link to help design a detailed experiment with appropriate variables)

Science Fair Planning

-set up outline for research section

-start experiment; record observations

Finish all Science Fair Work 

 –  Experiments should be wrapping up.  Students should be putting it (the experiment and all parts) together  (basically following the guidelines of a lab report) to show their experiment and results –> this is what should be included on the Science Fair Board.

 – Students should be finished with the experiment and be finalizing the rest of the project.  The end product should include a presentation board (with the components of a lab report presented neatly and colorfully).

Completed Science Fair Presentation Board due between

March 7  through March 15   

(on random individually assigned date)

Science Fair Display Board (outline for board criteria)

Grading Rubric –

Sci Fair EvaluationFormafter Check off to see if you have all needed information and criteria before submitting your board

School-wide Science Fair will be held the week of March 26th – 28th


Science Fair grade counts for Project Grade  


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