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Due dates are subject to change, so check back frequently!

All homework should be written on loose-leaf unless otherwise specified!  Make sure a correct school heading and the name of the assignment is on each individual homework.


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Chapter 1 Regents Review p20-21 #1-13 due Monday, September 23
Chapter 2 Regents Review p46-47 #1-12 due Wednesday, September 25
Chapter 3 Regents Review p72-73 #1-13 due Friday, September 27
Barron’s Book Chapter  Earth’s Coordinate System and Mapping (read, highlight, annotate, answer all questions) due Wednesday, October 2
Chapter 4 Regents Review p96-97 #1-13 due Monday, October 7
Isolines and Profiles Test on Thursday, October 10
Barron’s Book Chapter Minerals (read, highlight, annotate, answer all questions) due Friday, October 18
Good link to help with isolines and profiles
NYS 8th Grade Science Performance Test: TBA
NYS 8th Grade Science Test: June 3rd 
Earth Science Performance Test: TBA
Earth Science Regents: June 19th
Earth Science Reference Table: