8th Grade Lab Reports

 8th Grade Lab Reports

Each lab report must include:

Title Page – name, class, date, title of lab

Abstract – brief summary of lab with hypothesis

Materials – all materials used must be listed

Procedure – all steps completed in the lab

Data and/or Observations – data or drawings collected during lab

Data Analysis – what does the data show; results

Discussion – reflect on your hypothesis; explain findings in detail,

Conclusion Questions – all lab questions answered in complete sentences

Literature Cited – cite all sources of information

Students are given a full week to complete the lab report at home after it is done in class.  For every day after the due date FIVE points will be deducted from the grade.  After a lab report is over a week late it will no longer be accepted.

Science Fair

Science fair is coming and due dates are here!  All students were given a Science Fair packet with all due dates, guidelines, and helpful hints.  Also check out the science fair page for more information.